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The Astrology of March 2019

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin May with Taurus, the patient Bull, reminding us to simplify, quiet our minds, and relish in the beauty of the season. April was a potent month of karmic explosions, forcing us to reexamine any patterns or traumas that are finally ready to transform. Old wounds have opened, allowing us to integrate our deeper lessons. We’ve begun the hard work of reconfiguring the status quo—any structures, systems, or pain that have blocked our growth. 

While this journey will continue for the rest of the year, this month we have the chance to slow down, rest, and recalibrate. We can declutter our lives and return to the basics, letting go of meaningless pursuits of power and achievement—dreams that have only left us wanting more. The highest wisdom of Taurus is now guiding us, reminding us of effortless joy. This comes when we allow the time to relax, experience pleasure, and just be.

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