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The Astrology of February

by Juliana McCarthy

February begins in the wake of the paradigm-shifting Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which arrived last month, bringing all that it promised and more. Here we sit precariously, amid explosions, electric jolts, and great uncertainty. Luckily, February is gentler and slower, allowing us to integrate these shifts while assuaging our fears and anxieties. With Venus meeting Chiron this month, and squaring the nodes on Valentine’s Day, we also have the chance to heal our self-love and relationships—a theme that will continue for the rest of the year.

Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces on February 16, which is actually good news. It offers significant relief and respite, helping us tend to unfinished business and sort through our confusion. We can take this time to turn inward and reflect, calling on our patience to review and revise old patterns and heartaches.

Later in the month, Jupiter forms his first of this year’s three sextiles to Neptune, which offers peace, restoration, and forgiveness. We can imagine our highest potentials while we meditate, heal, and retreat into stillness. One step at a time, we can piece together the next chapters of our lives as we allow the dust to settle and fresh new skies to emerge from behind the stormy clouds. This month is a temporary and much-needed pause, allowing us to recharge before continuing with this disruptive, transformative, and revolutionary year.

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