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November begins with Scorpio in command, lifting our veils. The Scorpion has been pulling us into the cauldron of intimacy, self-awareness, and truth. From here, we are ready to undergo some hard work, rebuilding our self-esteem and establishing higher quality relationships. 

With the Scorpio New Moon on November 5, we are entering a new era of choosing love over fear. This new chapter ramps up with Eclipse season, which begins this month. A Taurus Lunar Eclipse arrives on November 19—the first eclipse along the Taurus-Scorpio axis in almost two decades. We are releasing stale energy and working through old traumas, while themes around the environment, finances, love, and sexuality are becoming more pressing, both personally and collectively.

Throughout the month, the planets implore us to refine our internal dialogues and outward communication. We can face unconscious fears and beliefs about ourselves that have blocked us from grace and flow. Fresh starts are imminent, especially around love and self-worth, as we grow into more mature, whole, and loving versions of ourselves. Clearer about who we are and what we want, we can better discern when to compromise and when to hold fast to our values and ideals. 

How can we find common ground? How can we connect with our mutual intelligence and heart, no matter where we diverge with others? 

The healing we do now will help to ensure that next year’s transits lead us more toward positive transformation rather than needless struggle.

by Juliana McCarthy

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