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by Juliana McCarthy

We begin November awash with anticipation and edginess, particularly in the United States, where election anxiety is palpable. This month is not for the faint of heart—It’s marked by fogginess, shockwaves, and aggression. We’re beginning to relieve the pressure of Mercury and Mars Retrograde. Adding to the whorl of energies, an eclipse arrives at the end of the month, which could bring important news, truth, and vital shifts. 

The silver lining is that our pent-up frustrations will finally release. While we may experience explosions, we’ll at least move forward after a long period of thwarted momentum. It’s almost time to bolt ahead with resolution and strength, hacking through weeds, and meeting old karma head-on. We’ll determine what’s true or false, right or wrong, and take action accordingly.

Whatever happens, we are in this together, and it’s of utmost importance to ground and call forth the people who can support us now, and vice versa. We can tend to our basic needs, and remember the value of a slow walk in nature, touch, nourishing food, and going easy on ourselves. 

We’re capable of surviving much more than we think. Above all, we can remember that we are inherently good. Evil is our own closed hearts, and we can stop projecting it onto people and entities outside of us. We can notice where we’re triggered and bow to the person before us, thanking them for showing us where we need to heal. The more we relax and open, calling on our love and forgiveness, the sooner we’ll be able to build a kinder, more unified world.

Ultimately, revolution is coming, leading the way to a more egalitarian world, where we take care of Mother Earth and each other, empower the feminine, and live from higher values of truth, gentleness, and compassion. It’s up to each of us now to hold steady, rally our courage, and prepare for the rollercoaster that lies ahead.

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