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The Astrology of June 2018

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin June within Gemini at the helm—the chatty, curious Twins, who can be too intellectual for their own good. Luckily, we’ve just experienced a Sagittarius Full Moon, which returned us to spirit, nature, and intuition. At the same time, a Grand Water Trine is allowing us to heal, dissolve tension, and rediscover our magical flow. Recent transits have been challenging our nervous systems—bringing heartache, sudden departures, and general disruption. This month we have the chance to settle and turn inward, focusing on our personal lives and our heart’s truest longings.

Mars will soon begin to dance with the South Node before stationing retrograde—ending old arguments while dissolving issues around aggression and dominance. We’re recalibrating the masculine and feminine archetypes over the next several months, redefining the roles of each—both within ourselves and the collective. Narcissism and abuse of power will begin to crumble as we observe ourselves with greater objectivity. This way, we can learn to truly love ourselves—forgiving past mistakes and shortcomings, while growing into increased authenticity. By the end of the month, we’ll be on our way to much deeper intimacy and connection. as we forge stronger bonds based on honesty, genuine safety and security, and the ability to admit our wrongs.

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