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The Astrology of July 2018

by Juliana McCarthy

August begins in the midst of lightning storms and torrential seas. We’re preparing for the third and final eclipse of the summer, which will close the eclipse vortex—an epic six-week period of change and karmic compression. At the same time, multiple planets are now in retrograde, forcing us to turn inward before we leap ahead. In particular, Mars retrograde has been generating heat, helping us question our desires and recalibrate our sexuality and inner masculine. And now, Uranus is entering the mix, triggering plot twists and volatility—as well as unexpected opportunities and insights. Our trajectory could now veer into any direction.

This month, the key is to rest with uncertainty—to take time to strategize and plan. We could ask ourselves what we truly want—what aligns with our most authentic heart and highest ideals. Pushing ahead with impatience will only lead us to burnout and frustration. As we step into significant transformation, emerging from our cocoons, we can remember to slow down and stay grounded. We have the opportunity to break out of deep ruts and to open to much greater frequencies of light and potential. We only have to remember to be patient as we ride out the storms.

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