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The Astrology of May

by Juliana McCarthy

June arrives in the chaos of rebirth as we undergo cathartic and necessary changes. This promises to be a wild and potent month, making a strong mark on an otherwise paradigm-shifting year. The eclipse portal is open, Venus is retrograding and crossing the Sun, and the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is looming on the horizon, ready to elicit further explosiveness and transformation. 

Two eclipses will arrive in June, speeding up our evolution, and calling forth themes of truth, distortion, and communication. We are making sure all voices are heard as we dismantle faulty and oppressive ideologies and systems. Outrage and rebellion are high, and with intention, they can lead us to a better future—one of much greater tolerance and equality. Patience and perseverance are necessary, even as our emotions swell. 

Positive change is more possible than ever if we can muster our spiritual warriorship and own our past mistakes—feeling the discomfort rise in our bodies as it liberates into awareness. We can transmute fear by loving ourselves. From here, we’ll be able to destroy the old paradigm and rebuild the new, both within ourselves and in the outer the world—with innovation, unquelled passion, and exquisite care.

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