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The Astrology of October 2018

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin October with Libra in command, the Scales who forever strive for harmony and balance. Venus rules Libra—goddess of love, beauty, and the feminine. She’s extra potent this month as she prepares to retrograde for the first time in two years. We’re now entering a period of deep recalibration around love, relationships, and sexuality. We’re plunging into our depths—transforming how we approach romance, femininity, and our sense of self-worth. There’s a quality of choicelessness as we transmute and release discordance in these domains, both in our personal lives and the collective. It’s time to step into the power of our inner feminine, destroying any blockages to healthy love, peace, and harmony. We can now forgive ourselves, acknowledging and releasing deep traumas. We can embrace the full spectrum of who we are, embodying true worthiness, acceptance, and grace.

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