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by Juliana McCarthy

As we begin July, Cancer the Crab is in command, leading us into waves of watery emotions. The Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces are sensitizing us, drawing out old memories and feelings for the sake of integration and healing. Meanwhile, Mars and Venus are lighting up the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square, sparking frustrations and fluctuating moods. Challenges are arising so we can recognize our patterns, freeing ourselves from old resentments and anger. We’re repairing our self-worth and relationships, deciding what we will leave behind in order to make room for the new.

Later in the month, Jupiter returns to Aquarius after a brief stint in Pisces. We’ll have the chance to revisit issues that felt pressing at the start of the year. Jupiter in Aquarius is cooling us off, and we may have to take precautions again around the pandemic. We’re also returning our focus to the collective, as we place more energy toward imagining and building a future world.

By late July, we are moving into fresh ways of being, and there’s no turning back. We can embrace new versions of ourselves—new outlooks, artistic expressions, culture, systems, and ideals. The key word is progress. We’ve undergone so much hard work, trials, and tribulations. With the planets in fixed signs, we can take a moment to appreciate our resilience–our ability to confront difficulties and transform them into wisdom. We can recognize how far we’ve come in establishing deeper intimacy and interconnection. With sparkling hearts, we can invent new lives, envisioning the endless possibilities for what’s to come.

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