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The Astrology of July 2019

by Juliana McCarthy

July is a powerful month of emotional saturation, change, and catharsis. Eclipse season arrives along Cancer-Capricorn axis, while Mercury retrograde begins in between the two eclipses. We have the chance now to break free of long-standing ruts, establishing better circumstances for our hearts to open, and for our relationships to deepen and mature. Safety, vulnerability, and introspection are key this month, as we retreat to feel our tenderness, making room to review old traumas and stories so they can heal. We’re upending patriarchy while strengthening our inner feminine—finally learning that emotions are sources of strength, not something to fear or repress. As we do our work and break out from the status quo, and from  harmful parental and societal conditioning, we can work together to create a more compassionate world. We can make room to listen to each other, and to allow other perspectives to permeate our hearts. Empathy can take hold as we  connect to each other with greater intimacy, fulfillment, and care.

Floating in warm waves, may we relax into safety, allowing our hearts to heal and open wider. May we feel our roots strengthen as we prepare for welcome change, and for higher frequencies to lead us to new selves, and a whole new paradigm.

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