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by Juliana McCarthy

September begins inside a fog of murkiness and confusion. For the first few days of the month, Mars is opposing Neptune, and we could feel out of control. Neptune is submerging us into the dreamworld, undermining our confidence and instincts. Clarity returns when Mercury trines Saturn the following week, reeling in our wild minds while restoring pragmatism and precision. Shortly after, a Virgo New Moon offers further sanity, sparking positive shifts and the chance for a fresh start.

Love is tested this month. While Virgo is officially in command, there are many planets in Libra. Our gazes are lifting from our own personal journeys toward our relationships with others. We’re ready for big breakthroughs in our friendships and love lives that first require hard work and deep reflection. Mercury is preparing to station retrograde at the end of the month, also in Libra. We’re learning to get along and work with each other in harmony as we establish greater equilibrium. 

With multiple planets in retrograde, this isn’t the month for dramatic leaps onto new trajectories. We’re taking our time to integrate and assess our current paths and dilemmas. While in the short-term, we may feel frustrated as we struggle to find our footing, a broader arc is at play. If we step back, we’ll see that a longer-term narrative is unfurling. Lasting shifts will become more apparent down the line. 

Mid-month, the Sun opposes Neptune, just before a Pisces Full Moon—both submerging us into uncertainty once more. This time, we can remember to let go. We can relax and enjoy the ride, making art and music, trusting that the waves will carry us exactly where we need to go. With Mars and Venus now in mutual reception, balance is key. We are learning how to stay strong yet tender, taking leaps into the unknown as we reconnect with ancient feelings of love, intimacy, and acceptance.

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