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by Juliana McCarthy

July begins in the throes of eclipse season as Mercury retrogrades through emotional Cancer. We’re in a period of deep transformation and the further unveiling of truth as we make our way toward a new paradigm. 

For the past month, we’ve been filled with dreams, visions, and hopes of what could be. With Saturn visiting Aquarius, glimmers of a new age have shone through our pain and grief, as we joined forces to stay safe amidst a pandemic and to create the largest Civil Rights movement in the history of the world. Now, Mars in Aries is rallying us into more courageous action and forward momentum. 

Meanwhile, the Sun moves into bold Leo toward the end of the month, reminding us to play and to love each other and the world. We can express our boundless hearts as we continue to reconstruct our surroundings. With vitality, creativity, and courage, we can keep standing up for what is loving and true, without ever forgetting why. Luckily, the Sirius Gateway arrives July 2-7. It’s ready to replenish our souls and life force, sending us messages about our next steps forward.

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