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The Astrology of November 2019

by Juliana McCarthy

We begin November with Scorpio in command, sign of death and rebirth, who confronts us with our shadows. She holds the power to transform our challenges into wisdom, if we’re willing to expose ourselves, baring our hidden truths to make way for greater intimacy. Scorpio helps us face our shame and mistakes, liberating them into the light of awareness. Under her influence, we can convert our obsessions into freedom, self-loathing into love and acceptance, traumas into strength, healing, and service. This is not the time to be complacent or to allow unconscious drives to govern our actions. Powerful liberation and conscious awareness are ready to emerge if we truly examine what’s wrong and begin the hard work of making necessary changes.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio occurs for most of the month, deepening our waters. We’re now barreling toward January 2020, when Saturn and Pluto will form their first exact conjunction. So much is falling away. If we resist change, the crashing waves will pummel us. Scorpio is teaching us to surrender, allowing the shifting tides to lead us to the beautiful unknown.

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