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by Juliana McCarthy

We end 2020 with the fireworks display it deserves. After confronting the most challenging transits of our lives, we are now ready to step through the eclipse portal into fresh new energies. We’ve been quarantining and revolting, experiencing illness and grief. We’ve been facing the karma of what’s come before, while destroying structures and beliefs that have proven to be harmful. Now, the long-anticipated Great Conjunction is almost here, arriving on December 21—the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Summer in the Southern. Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin at 0º Aquarius, kicking off the Aquarian Age, leading us toward measured expansion. Optimism is growing steadily inside us, as we feel our hard work and integrity paying off. The Age of Materialism, Authoritarianism, and Selfish Delusion is ending, as we prepare to step into a new paradigm marked by greater care for the Earth and each other. Technology and innovation will begin evolving more quickly, especially starting in 2026. Until then, we are learning to take individual and collective responsibility for our shared morals and ideals, ensuring that we build a more constructive reality, while correcting and rectifying past destruction and harm. With greater nuance, wisdom, and understanding, we can elevate the artists, inventors, rebels, and renegades among us to turn the wheel and unveil more intelligent paths. Perhaps what was scary before was simply the bright light of awakening and change. This month, it’s time to celebrate our excitement for all that the future brings.

In the darkest night, with the stars shining brightly, may we feel the flames of hope warm our anxiety, loneliness, and fear. With grounded enthusiasm, may we celebrate the turning of the light—integrity rewarded, as future symphonies call us to a new shore.