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October begins inside the murky waters of multiple retrogrades. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all on backwards journeys, and it may be difficult to find traction or make decisions. This feeling is exacerbated by multiple planets transiting through spacious, indecisive Libra. On the bright side, this is a potent time to go inward and recalibrate our minds, hearts, and relationships. With intention and care, we can pause before deciding which path we will forge. 

Mars makes strong appearances during this month’s lunations. We are working to heal our clarity and anger so we can move forward with Mars’ confidence and Libra’s grace and self-forgiveness. Libra teaches us to make space for all—to harmonize with any discord that arises and to love ourselves just as we are. Meanwhile, Mars makes himself heard, ensuring we stand our ground with courage and strength. How can we simultaneously embody gracious Venus and assertive Mars?

When Jupiter and Mercury station direct on October 18, clarity abounds. Until this point, we’ve been working to recalibrate our minds and beliefs, restoring justice and harmony as we go easier on ourselves. Chiron opposes Mercury as he stations. We are healing any aggression that’s been seeping through our words and thought patterns, moving forward with gentle confidence and vulnerable strength. 

By the end of the month, the Sun and Mars will shift into Scorpio, calling us to dive deeper, transforming our shadows into wisdom and strength. Until then, we are learning to have compassion for ourselves—to balance our prickliness with acceptance and peace, and to retain our individuality as we finally come together in unity and cooperation.

by Juliana McCarthy

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