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The Astrology of October 2019

by Juliana McCarthy

October begins with Libra in command, the sign of beauty filling the world with color—the leaves changing in the Northern Hemisphere, spring flowers blooming in the Southern. Libra is the sign of relationships and harmony, represented by the Scales of Justice. Even though romantic Libra is at the helms, in many ways this month is ruled by deep Scorpionic undercurrents. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, will confront us with unconscious matter that’s ready to transform. Profound change and breakthroughs are possible, if we face our fears and most hidden shadows.
For much of the month, Venus will move through Scorpio, Mars through Libra. The feminine and masculine planets will be in mutual reception—inhabiting the opposite signs they rule. The nurturing, compassionate feminine is stepping into greater power as the forceful masculine recalibrates, softens, and finds balance. Difficult secrets are emerging so we can establish greater peace, love, intimacy, and harmony. The key is to become more honest and authentic, with ourselves and each other. Our relationships are improving and maturing, as we own our mistakes and finally learn to listen.

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