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by Juliana McCarthy

As we begin April, Aries the Ram is in command, leading us out of the murkiness and confusion of March, into our clarity, strength, and forward momentum. At the start of the month, a stellium of planets gathers in confrontational Aries. We’re regaining confidence and courage, truly embracing the energies of Spring. It’s time to emerge as bright green buds from the dank earth—refreshed, audacious, and determined. 

Over the past year, we’ve had ample time to reflect and to clarify our desires. Now is the time to take action—to speak our dreams aloud, then fulfill them. Later in the month, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all enter sensual Taurus, soon crossing paths with electric Uranus. The transits are providing us the chance to break out of our old ruts and stagnation as they invigorate us with currents of change. If we’re still caught in outworn patterns, we’ll experience necessary disruption—outside circumstances jolting us onto unexpected trajectories. At the end of the month, the planets spark alchemy in love and communication. We’re diving deep into our shadows, truth, and obscuration, and transmuting heavy baggage. Whatever happens, we are ready to revitalize our bodies, minds, and souls, as we turn the page to the next chapter.

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