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by Juliana McCarthy

September 1, 2020 — The Pisces Full Moon arrives on Tuesday, at 10:22pm Pacific Time, sparking us to release our clinging and solid ego identities, and to embrace our grief, heartbreak, and uncertainty. Neptune is in wide conjunction to the Moon, and his lessons are never easy, particularly if we resist. He dissolves boundaries and forces us to surrender to the tides. We have no choice but to trust the Universe and our unfolding, even if it makes no sense to us now. Faith is key—faith in the basic goodness of all beings and the unfurling of our paths, even if we’re now experiencing tremendous fear or loss.

We only need to relax, remember our highest dreams, and allow the waves to wash away all that we need to let go. We might also need to release or adjust relationships that aren’t reflecting back our profound worthiness and dignity. Deeper love and heart expansion are now possible, but they require a healthy dose of Virgoan realism, boundaries, and respect.

What are our highest dreams? What do we need to let go of in order to align more fully with our ideals, both personally and collectively? How have we been unconsciously or consciously sabotaging our visions of the future? 

Even if our hearts are experiencing obscuration, we can remember that our true essence is to love each other, and that our highest selves always do. Ultimately, we don’t just love, we are love. And if we’re able to surrender, Neptune is here to plunge us into the memory of our primordial loving essence.

May we embrace ourselves and each other, offering support through these challenges of being human, while remaining whole and remembering our inherent oneness.

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