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The Astrology of January 2019

by Juliana McCarthy

Shaken by a stormy 2018, we emerge from the year more resilient, having faced some of our deepest pain during a yearlong journey of Jupiter in Scorpio. As we enter 2019, we now have the chance to steady our pace and come home to ourselves, with clear vision for the future. With multiple planets in earth signs and the North Node in Cancer, we’re now finding stronger anchors within ourselves as we rely less on external authority and outside perceptions. Self-care and our emotional needs are now taking precedence over mindless work, ambition, and empty success. Meanwhile, Uranus’ and Chiron’s shifts are ready to revolutionize how we relate to money, resources, healing, and the environment. 

The planets are now giving us the chance to break free of our stubborn ruts, addictions, and delusions, and to find momentum after a series of stifling retrogrades. As we finally move forward, we can call on our discernment to determine where to apply our energy, making sure that all we do resonates with our deepest desires, sanity, and well-being. We’re using the pain of last year as fuel to become wiser, more integrated beings, then building our lives and world from there. After all, this is the final year before the paradigm shift of 2020, when we enter a whole new age in humanity. The more we can establish inner peace, our own truth, and self-sufficiency, the more we’ll be prepared for the shift—able to offer our gifts, talents, and love to the world so we can establish a more aligned society and planet. Karmic reckonings will confront us if we’re unable to come from integrity and the highest good for ourselves and all. But if we do, great transformation and awakening are available to us this year, as we steadily grow into our future selves, lives, and world.

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