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High frequency foods for feeling good.  

We focus equally on delicious complex flavors, and the highest nutritional integrity for wellbeing and homeostasis.  It’s about setting your body up for success while achieving optimal satisfaction and pleasure.

Our fast-fine menu has an everyday approachability, to anyone who likes delicious food. Our deeper undertaking is intentionally crafting dishes that are nutritiously complex, pure, functional, rich with superfoods and anti-inflammatory.  

To achieve this, our menu is completely free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars, peanuts, soy, GMO’s and gums. We make all of our food in-house from scratch with optimally nutritious, local, regenerative and organic ingredients. Our sustainable meat and eggs are pasture-raised, organic and local. We only use high-quality oils at their appropriate smoke point. Our pastries are all vegan and made with minimal use of the highest quality grains. We use reverse osmosis water and organic Panther Coffee beans, and our house nut milk blends for our coffee, along with adaptogenic lattes.  And we have a consulting nutritionist that ensures the execution of our mission is always on point. 

To leave you feeling better than you did before.


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