We are about delicious satisfying food. Our dishes are plant centric; all ingredients are good for you. The kind of food you crave because it tastes great and makes you feel great too.

We are inherently gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, non GMO, and only use avocado, coconut, and extra virgin olive oil. We activate all nuts and seeds in house.  All animals are free range and well treated. Along with our own on site farm, we use best practices no till natural farmers as much as possible, organic at the least. The nutritious breads by Karen Man are made in house, as are our crackers, cheeses, nut milks, and yogurt. You know what you are eating, our menu is transparent.

We use solar energy, natural cleaners, and we compost.


We are a reflection of the cultural shifts happening that beg us to heal and be well so we can treat ourselves and each other better. We are here to democratize swoon worthy nutritious food, and normalize eating for your best self. We are a casual all day café so it works for you however and whenever you need it. We are a food culture that is part of the revolution to re-mineralize our soil, and restore natures ability to heal and balance itself and us. We endeavor to help shift the restaurant paradigm, and disrupt consumer complacency: why not do food that tastes amazing and is entirely accountable to the health of the fellow human eating it? We are here to honor you so you can better honor and enjoy yourself.


Kelly Barnhart, creator and owner

I am not a chef or restauranteur; I am a single mom who cares a lot about my kid’s wellbeing. My guide post in raising my daughter has always been: does this enhance or detract from her vibrance? That is the guide post for Vibrant. I love clean nutritious food, and lack the talent to cook the aspirational level stuff for us that I want. I am into healing, and want to create a home away from home for my community where you feel welcome, safe, seen, heard, respected, nurtured, worthy, and delighted. Because then you can relax into being the most you, and feel your flow.

Alison Wu, menu designer

A food and lifestyle blogger, Alison implemented the food vision for Vibrant from her own natural approach to healthy living.