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No. 3 - Celebrations

water next to the ocean

With Sunday celebrations taking place tomorrow, we show our deepest gratitude and love for all mothers, and along with them, we honor Mother Earth. 

This is a beautiful time to share memories of being in nature together, cook dinner with vegetables from your local CSA and to start a garden. Get inspired with an episode of Great Gardens. We promise you won't be disappointed with these short films. 

Here is our Mother's Day round-up. Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!


 Sunday Pairings: Food & Wine

a white plate topped with different types of food on a table

Crudité Platter Inspiration

Featuring our Activated Seeded Crackers and Romesco Sauce.

a close up of a bottle and a glass of wine

Ancestral del la Cristina Pet Nat 

This slightly effervescent wine is really unique. Notes of  lychee, orange spice and dried apricot. A perfect light wine for Sunday Brunch with a Crudité Platter.  

a piece of food

Lemon Poppy Seed 

Almond flour, coconut cream, olive oil, vanilla, maple, farm fresh eggs, lemon juice  and poppy seeds. 

a piece of cake and ice cream on a plate

Berry Galette

Almond flour, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, citrus and almond-cashew pulp from our nut milk.

a close up of a flower  

Grow Something Together 

Plant Chamomile this Mother's Day and harvest the flowers together for a sweet and calming tea. 

a man riding a horse

A Poem By Maya Angelou

During those early, dearest days
I did not dream that you had
A large life which included me,
For I had a life
Which was only you.

You were always
the heart of happiness to me,

I thank you, Mother.
I love you.”

water next to the ocean

The Astrology of May

May brings significant shifts in the midst of Taurus season. Now more than ever, we’re appreciating the richness of human connection and inner peace. We’re seeing the sacredness that the world provides when we all slow down and stop unnecessary travel, pollution, and consumption. Glimmers of what could be have shone through during these trying times and now we’re starting to think about how we can return to our lives and relationships with newfound wisdom, innovation, stillness and understanding.

More of May's Astrology here!

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