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We're excited to offer locally grown, seasonal vegatables from Animal Farm Center. Your Produce bag will have a rotating selection of organic vegetables harvested on the same-day for optimal freshness.


Produce Bag $25 

Flowers $15

PicK-up hours

Pick-up is every Saturday from 1pm-7pm at Vibrant. 

Your Produce Bag will be ready for you outside on our patio. Find your name, grab your veggies and enjoy!

Cut Off Time

Orders placed every Thursday before 7pm will be available for Saturday pick-up. Orders placed after 7pm will be available on the following Saturday. 

About The Farm 

Animal Farm Center is a certified organic farm, using natural pest control and no synthesized fertilizers. They employ a 7 season crop rotation scheme to ensure that the soil is evenly depleted and reconstituted by different crops, which includes a fallow season, where they plant cover crops to nourish the soil. 

They proudly practice no-till soil management, to maintain the full benefit of the micro organism that live in the top soil. In addition, Animal Farm uses occultation, whereby prior to planting, the soil is covered by a black liner to kill pre-germinated weed seeds.